Royal Free International (RFI) and the Beijing Henghe Hospital, the largest private hospital in Beijing, have agreed that RFI will provide education and training to the Chinese hospital's clinical teams. This working relationship is part of the Royal Free London’s goal to promote and develop international collaborations and partnerships.

In October 2014 the first group of senior nurses arrived from Henghe Hospital to receive training from our nursing staff. At the end of the two-month visit the Henghe Hospital presented us with a painting by the famous Chinese painter, Dabo Shan, to commemorate our working relationship and to thank our staff for their hospitality.

Mr Cheng Chi, chairman of Henghe Hospital, explained the symbolism in the painting: “In Chinese culture, horses symbolise advancement and endeavour – galloping toward success. The two horses represent our two hospitals going side by side reaching our common goals as two winners.”

Alison Shutt, international development director at the Royal Free London, said that the picture would be displayed in a prominent position at the Royal Free Hospital so both staff and patients would be able to enjoy it.

Also at the presentation was Professor Stephen Powis, medical director at the Royal Free London, and Debbie Sanders, director of nursing at the Royal Free London, who praised the partnership between our two hospitals and thanked Henghe Hospital for their generosity.

RFI is looking for nurses who are interested in helping with the education and training at Henghe Hospital.  Please contact Reyon Yan, clinical and development programme manager, on 020 7794 0500 ext 36347 or email RFI is also looking for clinical teams willing to host observers in their departments.