Members of the public are invited to take part in the Novavax COVID-19 vaccination study at the Royal Free Hospital.

The phase III randomised-controlled trial, which begins on 3 October, is open to anyone aged 18-84. It will consist of two vaccine doses administered three weeks apart. Dr Fiona Burns, consultant physician, is the principal investigator for the Royal Free Hospital – she is aiming to recruit 500 people to the study. We are looking for people who are able to travel easily to the hospital.

Register your interest and then complete the pre-screening form. You will then be contacted with further information.

Results from the Phase 1 and II trial of the Novavax vaccine were recently published in the New England Medical Journal.

Please note that if you are considering taking part in the trial you will be unable to receive your first dose of Novavax vaccine if you have had your flu vaccine in the previous last seven days. In addition if you have already enrolled in the trial you can not receive your flu vaccination until seven days after your second Novavax dose.