Wednesday 19 October is NHS Fab Change Day. This national event encourages NHS staff to demonstrate the difference they can make with one simple act, proving that large–scale improvement is possible. This year, we’re encouraging staff to change their mind about flu for NHS #FabChangeDay and get their #jabdone.

Flu is a highly transmissible infection. The vaccine reduces your risk of contracting the virus and transmitting it to friends, family members and patients. Some of the myths associated with the jab include:

Fiction: “the flu jab gives you flu”
Fact: the flu jab cannot give you flu as it doesn’t contain any live viruses.

Fiction: “the vaccine is not safe”
Fact: the vaccine is well-tested and has an excellent safety record.

Fiction: “I’ve never had flu so I’m not likely to get it”
Fact: the flu virus mutates so you need to be vaccinated yearly for protection.

Staff will be able to attend a number of clinics on #FabChangeDay – Wednesday 19 October – to get their #jabdone.

You could make 2016 the year you change your mind and try the flu jab for the first time. Tweet us @RoyalFreeNHS using the following hashtags to tell us why you’re getting your #jabdone for #FabChangeDay.