Royal Free Hospital staff are featured in a new video (link here) from The British Liver Trust designed to support patients awaiting assessment for a liver transplant.

The film – released to coincide with Organ Donation Week – features Katie Quist, lead nurse liver services, Nuala Ryan, a clinical nurse specialist for liver substance abuse in liver transplantation, Emma Dickson, a specialist hepatology and liver transplant dietitian and Abigail Greenwell, a liver transplant physiotherapist. Other members of the liver transplant team are also featured in the film. 

The Royal Free Hospital is one of seven liver transplant centres in the UK and the video provides a general picture of what to expect during the assessment process. 

Katie Quist, lead nurse liver services, said: “We know that patients awaiting an assessment to find out their suitability for a liver transplant can often feel a bit worried about what the process involves.  We were delighted to take part in this film which clearly sets out what patients can expect and should help remove some of that anxiety.” 

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