A new simplified and more user-friendly parking system is to be introduced at the Royal Free Hospital on Wednesday 1 July.

New parking machines, which are easier for patients and visitors to use, have been installed as part of the changes.

The new machines have user-friendly touch screens and patients and visitors can pay for parking when they leave, instead of paying at the start of an appointment or visit.

The automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system automatically calculates how long visitors have been parked and how much is owed which makes it less likely visitors will end up with a parking fine.

The new Glyde system, which is run by ParkingEye, also has more payment options including coins, notes, chip & PIN and contactless, as well as a PayByPhone option.

Patients entitled to free parking will be issued a voucher they can scan to ensure they are not charged. All fees for parking will remain the same.

Patients and visitors should use hand sanitiser or wash their hands before and after using the machines.