The Pears Building is being constructed next to the Royal Free Hospital, as the new home for the UCL Institute for Immunity and Transplantation. It will bring together leading scientists, academic clinicians and clinical trials specialists to develop revolutionary treatments and therapies for patients with conditions such as diabetes, HIV and cancer.

Over the next few weeks the partial demolition of the former multi-storey car park at the Royal Free Hospital and the installation of the Pears Building construction site’s offices and facilities will take place.

This will affect the road leading to the heart attack centre at the Royal Free Hospital. The road will remain open at all times, but between 16 April and 6 May sections of the road will need to be narrowed to allow for the demolition.

Careful arrangements have been made to ensure that these works make no impact on patients needing treatment at the heart attack centre. Priority will be given to ambulances. Traffic marshals will be in place to ensure that they can get through immediately and that pedestrians can use the road safely.

From 7 May to mid-June installation of the site offices and facilities will take place above this road. During this time the road will stay open, except for two brief periods in June when concrete will be poured to hold the structure. Ambulances will have immediate access when necessary. The full width of the road will be restored from the week of 29 May.

The recently placed pedestrian crossing from the Hampstead Green footpath to the front of the hospital is not affected.

If you have any comments or concerns about these works please email