Management of Neuroendocrine Tumours (NET), in real life, is very challenging and requires lots of expertise and Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Work. Despite the availability of several International Guidelines and also Conferences and Courses on a yearly basis, there are still unmet needs in NET Education of Physicians, Radiologists and Histopathologists. Gaps in NET Education may lead to suboptimal clinical assessment and lack of individualized patients’ approach, as well as inaccurate and misleading Radiology and Histopathology reports.

The Neuroendocrine Tumour Unit of Royal Free Hospital (RFH) is an ENETS Centre of Excellence since 2010 and internationally recognized NET Centre, with a cohort of approximately 2,000 patients under regular follow-up. RFH NET Unit has a substantial experience in NET Education, as it has organized several “teaching” events such as: a) the first “International Symposium on Carcinoid Heart Disease” in September 2014, b) the ENETS Summer School in September 2016 and c) many international preceptorship visits for several groups of NET Physicians from all over the World. Also, RFH NET Consultants are regular Speakers and Organisers of many National and International NET events.  

We are thus organizing the first “Hands-On” “Royal Free Hospital – University College London NET Academy” on 27-29/4/2019 at Royal Free Hospital, London, UK, NW3 2QG.  In that three-days meeting, 15 specialist NET Physicians will have the opportunity to enhance their experience in clinical assessment and management decisions by attending RFH NET Clinic on Monday 27th April am (60 NET patients) and NET MDT meeting on Tuesday 28th April pm (50-60 NET cases). Also 10 Radiologists/Nuclear Medicine (NM) Physicians and 5 Histopathologists will have the opportunity to improve their skills, by reporting challenging NET imaging and histopathology slides respectively, in collaboration with our experienced NET Radiologists / NM Physicians and Histopathologists.

The Agenda will also include lectures on updates in diagnosis and management of NETs on 27th and 28th April pm and also a session in NET Translational Medicine on Wednesday 29th April am.