You can find out about the progress the Royal Free London group has made in its first year – and the benefits we’re delivering to patients and staff – by watching our new animation.

The animation ‘Bringing the best of the NHS to every patient’, celebrates the history of the Royal Free London, from its establishment in 1828 to the ground-breaking work taking place in 2018 – 190 years later.

It focusses on the work of clinical practice groups (CPGs) which are at the heart of our new approach – putting thousands of clinicians in charge of improving care for all our patients, supported by managerial and administrative colleagues. 

Working in partnership with patients and their families, CPGs are revolutionising healthcare, using the latest clinical evidence to ensure all patients have access to the best, and most innovative, treatments the NHS can offer.

The animation showcases how the RFL group is transforming the way our hospitals use technology – extending the digital revolution to the way our patients experience healthcare and the way our staff deliver it.

And it outlines our ambition to improve the health of the population, working closely with non-hospital partners to help people to live longer in good health rather than just treating people when they are sick. 

Sit back and enjoy.