A cutting-edge surgical robot used by kidney cancer team at the Royal Free Hospital will be on display at the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition next week. 

The team will showcase how robotic surgery and 3D radiological images are allowing surgeons at the Royal Free Hospital to perform more complex and challenging surgery and are saving the lives of patients. Visitors to the exhibition, which starts on 5 July, will be given the chance to operate the robot themselves.

The team, led by urological surgeon Faiz Mumtaz, is one of just 22 selected to exhibit their work.

The da Vinci robot provides a 3D image of the kidney and surrounding tissue via a keyhole and has arms with advanced dexterity akin to the human hand, which allows complex cancer surgery on the kidneys to be carried out. The team has developed software which allows 2D radiological images of the kidney to be transformed into 3D images, which provide a much more accurate picture of the kidney, tumour and its blood vessels.  

Mr Mumtaz said: “This technology allows us to perform more complex surgical procedures and means we are able to preserve more of the healthy kidney tissue when removing tumours.

“It also means more of our patients can have key-hole surgery through smaller incisions, rather than open surgery, which means recovery times will be much shorter.”

Surgeons at the Royal Free Hospital have recently started using a new robot, which has a range of advanced features making it much more user-friendly. The new robot has four arms, compared with the three on the robot that was used previously, is much more dexterous and has a larger viewing panel.

Mr Mumtaz added: “We are thrilled to be showcasing this incredible technology at the Royal Society’s summer exhibition. Visitors will be able to operate one of the surgical robots and can see how we are using cutting edge techniques for the benefit of patients. We also hope to inspire the next generation of surgeons, so we would encourage everyone to come along and find out about the work we are doing at the Royal Free Hospital.”

The Royal Society, which was founded in 1660, is a fellowship of some of the world’s best scientists. The society’s summer exhibition is an annual event, featuring cutting edge science from across the UK.

The exhibition is being held from 5-10 July 2016 at the society’s headquarters near St James’s Park. It is free for all members of the public and between 15,000 and 20,000 attend every year.

For more information please visit the Royal Society's website.


Image: The new robot at the Royal Free Hospital.

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