Tottenham Hotspur players, including Moussa Sissoko and Georges-Kevin N’Koudou, were on delivery duties at Barnet Hospital – but it was presents not points that were on their minds.

Midfielder Moussa and winger Georges-Kevin were joined by U23 goalkeeper Charlie Freeman and U23 midfield defender, Jamie Reynolds, as well as Rianna Dean from Spurs Ladies. The caring team toured the children’s and neo-natal wards to spread some festive fun.

Moussa, said: “It's so important that we visit the children in the hospitals. For us, it's a lesson. We are lucky, we have one of the best jobs in the world and even then, sometimes we complain about silly things. Then you come to a hospital and you meet the kids and you realise how lucky we all are. So it's fantastic to come here, fantastic to have some great moments with them and try to give them something to smile about.

"I have two children so I know how this must feel for the parents. To see your children in hospital is not a good feeling, especially at this time of year. Life is like that so if we can come here and spend some time with them and give them all a little pleasure, then everyone is happy. We will pray for them all to get well as soon as possible."

Yasmin Kaimadzanis, 17, had her picture taken with the players. She is due to have a tonselectomy at the beginning of January but had to be admitted to hospital as she wasn’t feeling well. 

Feeling better already - Yasmin delighted to be making her brother sick with jealousy!

She said: “My brother is a massive Spurs fan so me getting to meet the players is going to make him so jealous! I’m being looked after really well, I just can’t wait to have my operation as I love singing and haven’t been able to for a while.”

New mum Holly Rosendale, from Barnet, chatted with the players and let U23 keeper Charlie hold her baby Georgie.

Charlie Freeman and Rianna Dean meeting baby Georgie

Charlie admitted: “I think it’s the first time I’ve ever held a baby, I promise to be gentle and not to drop him. Hopefully I’m a safe pair of hands!”

Jill de Graag, play specialist at Barnet Hospital, said: “It's an absolute pleasure to welcome Spurs. We know that it means the world to the children and their families to have the players come in and talk to them. It takes their minds off being here and shows how much their heroes care.”

Main image: Fourteeen-year-old Tiana Patel meeting the Spurs players