Staff at Barnet Hospital have been delighted by the unveiling of a new wall of artwork, filled with bright drawings and messages of support supplied by the local community.

More than 750 pieces of art were sent in, and can now be seen by all in the main entrance corridor of the hospital and at the reception area of the therapies unit. The full collage is visible over two floors with a scissor lift needed to get the pictures all the way up to the top.

The project was inspired by the successful transformation of a plain corridor in the intensive care unit (ICU) at the Royal Free Hospital. After hearing of the positive effect it was having on staff, the Royal Free Charity were asked to create a similar morale-boosting mural to inspire health workers at our Barnet site.

Staff from across the hospital have shared their positive reaction to the project – such as Ann Power and Merlyne Applewhaite, clerical admin officers who can see the new artwork from the reception where they work. Speaking on behalf of the team, Ann said: “We find the collection very uplifting and inspiring. It’s good to know the NHS is appreciated.”