Did you know that the NHS was the first health system to commit to reaching net zero? On World Health Day 2022, discover how we're creating a greener Royal Free London. 

We’ve already made a lot of changes along the path to sustainability, but we recognise there is still much more to do. As a trust we want to be an early adopter of ways – both big and small – to achieve net carbon emissions.  

Our pledge:

  • We will ensure 100% of our purchased electricity is from renewable sources by April 2022
  • We will invest more in low energy LED light, as well as integrating and expanding sub-metering coverage by 10% for water and electricity
  • We will improve local air quality by having RFL anti-idling policy in place and awareness raising
  • We will expand our cycle parking spaces and EV charging points for staff and visitors
  • We will implement meat free hospital days for staff and visitors, increasing plant-based menu options and install a digital meal ordering system for more accurate meal planning, reducing food waste
  • We will prescribe low carbon inhalers where clinically appropriate. We will do this by education, advocacy and empowerment of staff and patients. We will target 75% of our initial prescriptions as greener inhalers
  • We will implement reusable IIR masks in non-clinical areas, reusable P3 masks in clinical areas that currently use FFP3 and locally manufactured reusable isolation gowns at all our sites
  • We will implement cleaner vehicles in our decontamination unit - 50% of our fleet and 75% of our factory forklift trucks will be electric
  • We will include staff responsibility for sustainability in job descriptions and PDPs, supported by e-learning to cover planet health and the green plan
  • We will reduce our waste volumes by tracking our rates of key waste streams and improving segregation and recycling rates
  • We will support our staff through advice and education. We will encourage them to take practical steps to reduce carbon footprint in their daily activities at home/work and improve their carbon literacy


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