The health information exchange

We share data with healthcare organisations such as GPs or other hospital trusts in order to ensure patients receive continuity of care. The data is only ever shared on a ‘need to know’ basis so our clinicians can provide you with the very best care.

To further improve the care you receive, we will be working more closely with GP practices through the health information exchange (HIE). 

The HIE is a two-way, view-only information portal where a patient’s information, such as their appointments, reports and the medication they use, can be viewed in real time by both our hospital staff and a patient’s GP. This will be done via secure technology and through existing platforms. We will be piloting the HIE in Barnet Hospital emergency department only from Monday 30 April 2018. 

What are the benefits of the HIE?

The HIE will enable both our hospital staff and your GP to view real-time information about your care. This will mean we can provide: 

  • improved quality of care – information about your care will be instantly available for more accurate diagnosis and on-going treatment. 

  • improved patient safety – there will be greater visibility for both your GP and our hospital team about your current medications, allergies and adverse reactions. 

  • reduced delays in care – test results will be readily available reduces patient waiting time.

What does it mean for me?

When you visit your GP or one of our hospitals, your healthcare worker will have all the information to hand to treat you effectively and efficiently. You won’t need to relay the full story of your symptoms, what happened or the medicines you were prescribed, as this will be already accessible from your notes. 

We will be piloting the HIE in Barnet Hospital emergency department only. If you visit Barnet Hospital emergency department, your healthcare professional will ask you for your verbal permission to view your HIE record. 

Will I be asked for my permission (consent)?

Your healthcare professional will ask you for your verbal permission to view your HIE record. 

There may be circumstances where we aren’t able to ask for consent, for example when a patient is unconscious and cannot give consent. In this instance, a healthcare professional may access the patient record without consent it if it in the best interest of the patient. Your data will only be viewed by those who need to see it in order to provide you with appropriate care.

Can I say no? What will that mean?

Yes. If you decide that you do not wish to have an HIE record you can opt out at any time. To do this please complete the opt-out form here. You will also need to contact your GP practice to opt out. By opting out, this will not affect the care that you receive at present; however, the benefits of the HIE portal will not be fully appreciated. 

If at a later point you decide that you would like your information to be available on the HIE portal, you are able to opt back in. 

Further information

For further information about the health information exchange, please download our health information exchange FAQ.

If you have any further questions please email: