Royal Free Hospital out of hours meals

From 7am to 8pm a ward can call the catering help desk on extension 33331 to have a meal delivered. Out of hours, the ward will call the night porters lodge on extension 34870. All wards have been equiped with at least one Iwave high speed oven to prepare the meals

Please remember that every ward has:

  • Soup
  • Toast, Butter
  • Jam
  • Yogurt
  • Juices
  • Milk

The above can be served at any time.

Out of hours menu

Cold meals

  • Selection of sandwiches and Salad

Hot Meals

  • Beef Cottage Pie (GF RF LF Carbs: 23)
  • Pasta Minced lamb served with beans and vegetables (Halal)
  • Cheese Omelette served Sauté Potatoes & Baked Beans ( EGF EC V Carbs: 38)
  • Chicken Korma Curry served with Boiled Rice and Peas (❤ GF LS RF LF Carbs: 44)
  • Fish & Chips served with Mushy Peas (LF carbs: 60)
  • Mexican Style Mixed Bean Chilli served with a mixture of White and Wild Rice and Baby Sweetcorn (❤GF V VG LS LF Carbs 48)
  • Vegetarian kosher meal (v)
  • Meat Kosher meal

Key to symbols

  • ❤ Healthier eating
  • ⬆E Higher energy
  • EC Easy to chew
  • GF Gluten Free
  • V Vegetarian
  • VG Vegan
  • LS Low salt
  • RF Restricted fibre
  • LF Lactose Free

Carbs value: grams of carbohydrate per meal.