Our admissions team provides an admissions and bookings service to both day surgery and inpatients across the trust. 

The central admissions team schedules pre-operative assessments and surgery dates for theatres at Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital, the Royal Free Hospital and Edgware Community Hospital, including all endoscopy units. 

The team supports the following specialties, and this continues to grow:

  • breast
  • ear, nose and throat (ENT) 
  • endoscopy
  • colorectal surgery
  • general surgery
  • hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) surgery (Chase Farm Hospital only) 
  • maxillofacial 
  • ophthalmology (Chase Farm Hospital only) 
  • orthopaedics    
  • pain
  • paediatrics
  • plastics
  • renal    
  • thyroid
  • urology 
  • vascular                               

The admissions team also provides a bookings service and support to the elective orthopaedic centre, which provides an orthopaedics service for North Middlesex University Hospital and the Royal Free London. 

North Central London Bookings also forms part of the admissions team. They help navigate patients between north central London trust hospitals, including Whittington Hospital, North Middlesex University Hospital and University College Hospital. 

The admissions team currently provides the following services for inpatients and day care patients:

  • Coordinating theatre lists, bookings and admissions of patients, and ensuring the trust’s elective access policy is applied consistently and fairly. 
  • Booking procedures, pre-operative assessment appointments and post-recovery beds.
  • Liaising with and being the point of contact for our patients, clinicians, wards and multidisciplinary teams.
  • Providing information to patients about the treatment and care they will receive, and signposting to further information where appropriate.
  • Monitoring waiting times and ensuring the trust adheres to national and internal targets, and all clinical guidance on bookings.