Dr Mani is a consultant physician in geriatric and general medicine. She works primarily at Barnet Hospital. She also works at Finchley Memorial Hospital on the rehabilitation unit.

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• British Geriatric Society Spring Meeting 2014, Platform Presentation "Emergency Admission Prevention: Data from 619 patients referred to a new community based admissions avoidance scheme integrating health and social care"Mani, Bertfield, Ritchie, Webber, Lisk
• European Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS) October 2013, Venice, Italy
• Poster presentation “The Impact of HomeFirst : A New Integrated Health and Social Care Admission Avoidance Scheme in Hertsmere, UK” Bertfield, Mani, Ritchie, Webber, Lisk
• European Federation of Neurological Societies Annual Conference (EFNS) Sept 2009 Florence, Italy, Poster presentation "Effective Cognitive Assessment in the Management of Post-operative Delirium", Fertleman, Harrison, Ritchie, Mani, Hobson, Nurse