We have dedicated acute medicine consultant-led services at the Royal Free Hospital.

The service provides multidisciplinary assessment, stabilisation and treatment of acutely ill adult medical patients of all ages. 

Patients are identified in the emergency department as requiring specialist medical care. Patients are then admitted to the Acute Assessment Unit on the lower ground floor, or to the Medical Assessment Unit on 8 North at the Royal Free Hospital for rapid diagnosis and treatment.

Acute medicine at Barnet Hospital 

Barnet Hospital was one of the first hospitals in London to set up an acute medicine service in 2004.

The service was redesigned in 2010 and has expanded to provide multidisciplinary assessment, stabilisation and treatment of acutely ill adult medical patients of all ages with an anticipated length of stay of up to 72 hours.

The acute medical unit has a total of 48 beds (on the clinical decision unit, which is next to our emergency department, and on Quince ward on level 2 of the hospital).

Dedicated consultants in acute medicine provide the service with support from the general physicians within our trust.

The acute medical unit has a dedicated team of senior and junior medical staff, nursing staff and allied health professionals.

This includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and pharmacists, who provide high-quality care, liaison with community-based services, and safe and coordinated discharge of patients back to the community.

Acute medicine at the Royal Free Hospital 

At the Royal Free Hospital, the 32-bed medical assessment unit is located on ward 8 North on the 8th floor.

The aim is to admit all patients under the care of acute medicine or health services for elderly patients via 8 North, to provide high-quality acute medical and multi-professional care.

This enables prompt and accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and timely discharge.

There is close liaison with the respiratory team and patients with other conditions requiring specialist input are referred as necessary.

The service can also follow patients up post inpatient stay in dedicated clinics when required.