Research helps us to understand the causes, progression and other effects of diseases and find better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat them. 

Throughout the history of HIV many people have taken part in clinical trials, which is why we have effective treatment today.

In the Ian Charleson Day Centre at the Royal Free Hospital, we have a dedicated team devoted to running research studies including on new antivirals, novel combinations of therapies, treatment at different stages of HIV and questionnaire-based or qualitative studies concerning different aspects of living with HIV.

Trials may be funded by academic organisations, pharmaceutical companies, or by an individual researcher’s work.

All studies, especially involving medication trials, are closely monitored. 

Many patients taking part in clinical trials find they have a more active role in their healthcare, and they may also gain access to new treatments before they are more widely available.

All clinical trials and studies follow strict guidelines and are always approved by an ethics committee before the trial/study begins. 

Between mid-2018 and mid-2023, we conducted over 60 clinical studies ranging from drug trials to observational studies, and over 2,000 patients have taken part in these. 

A patient involved in a clinical trial provided the following feedback to a nurse practitioner:

“Research was a new world to me, but the transition was seamless. The sense of care was so personal and felt tailored just to me and the sense of trust was immediate. Your knowledge and experience made you my ‘go to person’”. 

Get involved

If you would like to take part in a clinical trial, please speak to your doctor at your next appointment or a member of the research team. 

You can also call our research office on 020 7472 6232. The team will be happy to discuss what studies are available and currently recruiting.