We understand helping you to live well with HIV involves more than just treating and monitoring your HIV infection. 

Our range of specialist clinics in our unit help ensure patients can be seen by experts in other aspects of their health.  

To access any of these services, you can be referred by your regular HIV doctor. For specialist women’s services, please see our ‘Women living with HIV’ page. 

Anal cancer is more common in people living with HIV. 

By checking for signs, either with a digital anal rectal examination, or anoscopy, we hope to identify and treat AIN which is the early stage of the disease before cancer develops. 

Using anoscopy, a special moveable camera can be used to identify, biopsy and treat abnormal areas if necessary. 

The clinic is run by a consultant colorectal surgeon, and you can self-refer to the clinic for screening or be booked in by your HIV consultant.

Our HIV and cardiology clinic is for people living with HIV with heart disease and is run by a consultant cardiologist. 

You may need additional investigations within this hospital or other centres of excellence.

The cardiologist can also advise your regular HIV doctor or GP on how to best manage your risk of heart disease.

This is a clinic for people living with HIV who also have kidney disease. 

You will be reviewed by a consultant nephrologist (kidney specialist) alongside a HIV doctor with a special interest in kidney disease and HIV. 

You can be seen in person or virtually and advice can be given to your regular HIV doctor and GP about how best to manage your kidney disease.  

We also offer assessment for kidney transplant and transplantation for people living with HIV.

The HIV and lipid service is for people with high blood cholesterol/lipids. 

A comprehensive lifestyle assessment is offered, and advice is given on lifestyle changes and medications that may help. The aim is to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

People living with hepatitis B or C as well as HIV can see specialists in both conditions.

We provide access to new hepatitis C antiviral treatment as part of the North Central Viral Hepatitis Delivery Network, and have access to clinical trials for the treatment of viral hepatitis. 

The team can refer you for liver transplant assessment if required.  

We also run a dedicated monthly clinic for fatty liver disease (that is not associated with alcohol) as we recognise this is becoming an increasing issue in people living with HIV.

We currently refer people with neurological problems to a consultant neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery who has a special interest and experience in HIV-associated neurological problems. 

The HIV and osteopathy clinic is a weekly clinic providing osteopathic care to people living with HIV. 

People living with HIV can be more prone to muscular, bone and joint problems and osteopathy can be a useful complement to other treatments. 

You can self-refer or be referred by other healthcare workers. All appointments are free of charge.

This service is run by a consultant psychiatrist. 

You can be referred for assessment by your HIV doctors or psychologist and may be referred to your local psychiatry services or to your GP for further care.

Our reach clinic is a weekly multidisciplinary clinic staffed by one of our consultant HIV doctors, clinical nurse specialists or psychologists.

The clinic focuses on people who find regular attendance and adherence to medication difficult.

The HIV and rheumatology clinic runs on alternate months for patients with conditions such as osteoporosis (thinning of the bones) or arthritis. 

A consultant rheumatologist runs the clinic and can access treatments and other services in the hospital. 

The Sage clinic is a specialist clinic that aims to support people living with HIV with their general health and promote healthy ageing. 

It is an opportunity for you to discuss any health concerns you may have and take part in a holistic assessment.

This multidisciplinary clinic utilises the skills of geriatricians and pharmacists alongside our HIV doctors and nurses. 

Onward referrals to other services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy or psychology are available as required.

Our multidisciplinary clinic has extensive experience managing and treating TB and other mycobacterial diseases (such as MAC) in people living with HIV. 

We are a designated national centre for the management of drug resistant TB and take referrals and provide clinical advice to other HIV services across the UK. 

This includes managing the complications of treatment, such as drug reactions and immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome with antiretroviral therapy.   

The Ian Charleson Day Centre team has a specialist interest in the management of HIV-related respiratory illnesses. We can provide clinical advice and reviews, and work with your main clinician to investigate and treat troubling respiratory symptoms.