Useful resources: anaesthetics

The Royal College of Anaesthetists provide a wide range of helpful and informative information leaflets for patients and their relatives. They also list information resources produced by other organisations which may also be useful.

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The information leaflets are split into three main sections:

General information leaflets
The first is a series of guides to help you prepare for your anaesthetic, giving general guidance and discuss specific aspects of care. The series includes the leaflets 'You and your anaesthetic' and 'Anaesthesia explained'.

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Information for teenagers, children and parents
The second section is information for teenagers, children and parents, with leaflets created especially for young people. The leaflets include information for young children, older children, teenagers and young adults and children with a learning disability.

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Risks of anaesthesia
The third section is about the risks of anaesthesia. The section contains leaflets covering the specific risks, concerns and complications of anaesthesia. The series includes the leaflets 'Risks in Perspective', 'Feeling sick' and 'Damage to teeth, lips and tongue'.

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The Royal College of Anaesthetists has written a guide to risks and probability designed to be read in conjunction with this series.

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