Blood tests


Blood tests are used to diagnose and treat a range of medical conditions. A blood test is one of the most common diagnostic tests and we provide them at Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital as well as at our satellite sites including Cheshunt Community Hospital, Edgware Community Hospital and Finchley Community Hospital.

Please note that we do not offer blood tests on bank holidays and weekends at the sites below:

  • Barnet Hospital
  • Chase Farm Hospital
  • Cheshunt Community Hospital
  • Edgware Community Hospital

Find out more about blood tests at our hospitals and learn how to book an appointment for a blood test by choosing from the options below.


Do you have an appointment?

Find your ward

  • Barnet Hospital

    Wellhouse Lane
    EN5 3DJ

    Adults over 16

    Patient enquiries (adults): 020 8375 1471

    Book an appointment online or call us to make your appointment on 020 8375 1471. The adult clinic is open Monday-Friday from 9am-4.45pm. We do not open on bank holidays.


    Patient enquiries (children): 020 8216 5192 or 020 8216 4933

    Book an appointment online or call 020 8216 5192 or 020 8216 4933. The appointments line is open Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm.

    The children's blood test clinic at Barnet Hospital runs at the following times:

    • Monday 9am-12.30pm
    • Tuesday 9am-5pm
    • Wednesday 2-5pm
    • Thursday 2-5pm
    • Friday 1-5pm

    We do not open on bank holidays.

  • Chase Farm Hospital

    The Ridgeway
    EN2 8JL

    Patient enquiries (adults and children): 020 8375 1471


    The adult clinic is open:

    • Monday-Wednesday: 8am-7.30pm
    • Thursday: 8am-6.30pm
    • Friday: 8am-4pm

    We do not open on bank holidays.


    The children's blood test clinic at Chase Farm Hospital runs at the following times:

    • Tuesday 8.30-11.30am
    • Wednesday 8.30-11.30am
    • Thursday 8.30-11.30am
    • Friday 8-11.30am

    We do not open on bank holidays.

  • Chestnut Community Hospital

    King Arthur Court
    Waltham Cross
    EN8 8XN

    Patient enquiries: 01992 622157

    We do not open on bank holidays.

  • Edgware Community Hospital

    Burnt Oak Broadway
    HA8 0AD

    Patient enquiries (adults): 020 8375 1471
    Patient enquiries (children): 020 8732 6331

    We do not open on bank holidays.

  • Finchley Memorial Hospital

    Granville Road
    Greater London
    N12 0JE

    Patient enquiries: 020 8349 7460

    We do not open on bank holidays.

  • Royal Free Hospital

    Pond Street
    NW3 2QG

    Patient enquiries: 020 7794 0500

    The adult clinic is open

    • Monday to Friday, from 7.30am to 5.30pm
    • Saturday from 9am-1pm

    The children clinic is open 

    • Monday to Friday, between 9am-12.50pm and 1.30-4.15pm 

    We do not open on bank holidays.


Referral details

For all children under 10 years old an appointment must be made.

If the blood test is for a child or teenager (up to 16 years old and in full time education), then please go to our paediatric outpatient department.

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