How to book a blood test for your child online

  1. Access the booking link and select “Login / Create account”
  2. Select patient
  3. If you don’t have an account already, please register using your email address, your password and your mobile number. Please note you will have to add your child’s details later.
  4. Select “I agree (Proceed)” to continue.
  5. Complete your details as required and select “Register”:
  6. Please copy the activation code you should have received in your email address inbox and select “Go”
  7. Under the “Profile” section, select “Family member”
  8. Select “Add new family member”
  9. Complete details as requested by the system and select “Save”.
  10. You should be able to see your child’s details.
  11. Select “Book an appointment”
  12. On the “GP / hospital name or Location” box, type royal free and choose the first option “Royal Free Hospital, 10 Pond St, London, England NW3 2QG, United Kingdom”.
  13. Select the dropdown list of options and choose “Children's Blood Tests” and search
  14. Look for “Royal Free hospital Paediatric Bloods Clinic 1” and click on “Book an appointment”
  15. Click on “Blood test”
  16. Choose the date and time that is more convenient for you to attend and click “Next”.
  17. Select “Select patient” dropdown and choose your child’s name. Select any special asisstance if needed. Then select “I agree to the terms and condicitions” and select “confirm”.
  18. Your child’s blood test is booked now and you should receive a text message on your mobile phone and an email on your inbox. Click on “Upcoming appointments” to see details.
  19. Here you can reschedule, reassign and cancel if needed.
  20. If you already have an account on Swiftqueue, please sign in using your email address and your password. Then follow steps from numbers 7 to 19 if your child has not a profile and you need to book a blood test for your child.