Thyroid and parathyroid disease

The department offers comprehensive management for malignant and benign thyroid and parathyroid disease, including thyroid cancer and goitre. Local care is delivered by a team of dedicated endocrinologists, radiologists and oncologists in combined specialty clinics across Chase Farm Hospital, North Middlesex University Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital. Referrals are also taken from the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow.

Our team also work within the endocrine surgery team at the Royal Free Hospital as part of the parathyroid multidisciplinary team to treat primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT), employing advanced imaging techniques to offer minimally invasive ‘targeted’ operations.

Surgeries are performed by an ENT head-neck surgeon sub-specialising in thyroid and parathyroid surgery with extensive fellowship experience of major neck, salivary gland and laryngeal cancer resections. Operations are undertaken at Chase Farm Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital. Recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring is used for all cases and routine laryngeal assessment is offered to all patients. The department submits surgeon specific outcome data for national publication.

Professional links exists with flagship US endocrine surgery centres including the Massachusetts Ear and Eye Infirmary in Boston and the Moffitt Cancer Centre in Florida.