Specialist clinics

Nurses on Larch wardFalls clinic

The falls clinic is a diagnostic service for people with unexplained fall(s). There are links with community therapists and with other disciplines including audio-vestibular medicine, cardiology and neurology. This service is provided at Barnet Hospital, Finchley Memorial Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital. We also provide monthly tilt table tests, where carotid sinus massage and prolonged head up tilting can be performed.

Parkinson's clinic

We have consultants with expertise in the care of patients with Parkinsons disease, providing services at Chase Farm Hospital, Edgware Community Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital.

Further information can be found on the Parkinson's disease pages our website and on Parkinson's UK.

TIA clinics

There are daily consultant provided clinics for patients who are suspected of having had a minor stroke. This daily service is run at Barnet Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital, providing prompt access to assessments and investigations.

TREAT rapid access clinics

The TREAT (triage rapid elderly assessment team) clinics run seven days a week and offer older people the opportunity for a prompt, comprehensive clinical assessment to ensure timely treatment, preventing further deterioration and the potential of hospitilisation.

Rapid access clinic

The rapid access clinic is a consultant-led clinic based at Edgware Community Hospital providing GPs with rapid access to a consultant opinion. It facilitates referral of patients for diagnostics and on to appropriate support services.

Cognitive impairment clinic

The cognitive impairment clinic is run by a consultant geriatrician with a specialist interest in dementia, every Friday morning at the Royal Free Hospital.

The clinic reviews patients with cognitive impairment and complex medical needs, as well as providing a follow up for patients with prolonged delirium and an assessment of pre-operative patients with possible dementia.