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A&E departments are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to treat people with serious and life threatening emergencies.

Choosing the right service

If you would like professional advice regarding your health, the NHS provides a range of services to help you get well. Make sure you choose the right service for you.

Our emergency departments

The trust has two emergency department s(also known as A&E and the ED), one at Barnet Hospital and one at Royal Free Hospital

The EDs provide treatment for those aged 18 and over who require immediate care, either as a result of an accident or in a medical or surgical emergency. The departments are staffed by skilled medical and nursing staff with specific training in emergency care 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Patients can access these services either directly, by GP referral or, if necessary, by ambulance.

As well as providing emergency care for adults, Barnet Hospital has a dedicated children and young people's ED staffed by paediatric consultants and nurses.

We aim to provide all relevant services in a timely manner and we constantly strive to meet the Government's aim to have all treatment provided within four hours. Occasionally we are extremely busy and may not manage this. If this occurs we ask for your understanding and patience. We will always treat patients in the order of clinical need.

Our urgent care centres

Urgent care centres treat urgent but not life-threatening injuries and illnesses such as sprains and strains, broken bones, minor burns and scalds, minor head and eye injuries, bites and stings.

The urgent care centre at Chase Farm Hospital is open 8am to 10pm every day, staffed by GPs and emergency nurse practitioners. Find out more.

Other local urgent and emergency care providers

Our services may not be the closest to you. Take a look at our list of local urgent and emergency care providers for alternative services that you may wish to consider. 


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Referral details

Patients can access these services either directly as a walk in, by GP referral or by ambulance. If attending Barnet Hospital or the Royal Free Hospital with minor injury or illness, please present to the emergency department (formerly called A&E) where you will be assessed and transferred to an urgent care centre if appropriate.

Once patients have been assessed their care will be prioritised according to their clinical need. They will be directed to the most appropriate team for their care.

Please note that the Marlborough sexual health clinic at the Royal Free Hospital is open daily and is more likely to be appropriate for sexual health problems.

We do not deal with dental emergencies - you should contact your own dentist or visit NHS Choices to find your nearest emergency dentist.

If a patient is not fluent in English it is very helpful if a friend or a member of the family can act as an interpreter for them.

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