Children’s A&E

Our emergency department's include a dedicated children A&E's offering paediatric emergency care. We’ve designed the A&E department and its equipment especially for children, to help reduce a child’s anxiety in an emergency situation.

The children’s A&E is staffed by A&E nurses and doctors and they are supported by consultant paediatricians and paediatric nurses. 

We’re equipped to handle any child or adolescent medical emergency, including critical emergencies.

Urgent referral clinic for paediatric emergencies

Children who need to be seen urgently by a paediatrician or consultant can be seen – with a letter of referral from a GP – in the urgent referral clinic in the paediatric A&E department, Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) from 9am to 5pm.

Your GP must call us to arrange an appointment for your child in the urgent referral clinic either on the same day or the following day.