Anaemia clinic

What is anaemia?

Anaemia is the result of either not having enough red cells to take oxygen around the body, or having faulty red cells that are unable to carry enough oxygen. Severity of anaemia is measured using a blood test looking at levels of a protein that transports oxygen named ‘haemoglobin’ in your blood.

Anaemia referral from the GP

When anaemia is severe your GP can refer you to the Anaemia clinic at the hospital because you do not have enough haemoglobin in your blood which can lead to symptoms such as fatigue/ tiredness. The clinic is run by the Haematology team.

Anaemia clinic: A patient journey

If you have an anaemia clinic appointment, please watch the information video below before you visit to help you understand more about your condition and what will happen on the day of your appointment.

If you would like further information or to get in touch with us please contact the haematology department on: 020 7830 2301.

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