Emotional support for you and your loved ones

The ICU is an unfamiliar environment for most people and can feel very different to a normal ward. We try not to have bright lights and too many sounds of monitoring, to create a more comfortable and restful environment. During an ICU stay, a patient will always have one ICU nurse, who will stay with them for their entire shift.

Being critically unwell on the ICU will cause physical changes to the patient’s body and may also have significant emotional and psychological impact on the patient and their family. It is normal to feel frightened, worried and confused. We are here to provide any help you may need.

Our team works closely with the psychology and chaplaincy-spiritual teams to offer emotional support to ICU patients and their loved ones. We understand the potential emotional traumas that can result from being on the ICU, and we take this care and support very seriously.

At the Royal Free London we have a dedicated ICU psychologist, who works with staff, patients and families. We may offer her services to you and your family and please do let us know if you feel you would benefit from talking to her.

These external websites may also be helpful:

www.criticalcarerecovery.com - provides support and advice on recovery after ICU.

www.icusteps.org - intensive care patient support charity.