Life after ICU

For continuity of care, the responsible medical or surgical team on the ICU will review the patient before they are discharged from the ICU to the ward. Nursing staff on ICU will communicate with nurses on the ward about the patient’s care and needs and ongoing plans.

Therapists on ICU will pass information about the patient to the ward therapists.

Leaving the ICU is a very positive step to recovery. After a stay in ICU, it is natural for the patient to feel anxious about leaving the unit to go to the ward.

We understand this change may also cause anxiety for patients’ families. Our goal is to ensure safe transition of care. All decisions when a patient is discharged from ICU are carefully considered by the multidisciplinary team, led by an ICU consultant. All medical, nursing and therapy teams communicate with the ward teams to ensure continuity of care. The PARRT team will also visit patients on the ward, to provide ongoing support to the patient and the ward team.

Being very unwell can have lasting effects, and recovery from an ICU stay can be a long journey. Following discharge from the ICU to the ward, the patient will continue to be cared for by the multidisciplinary team. They may also need continuing support from community care teams after they leave hospital.