Kidney transplant FAQs

Will I be asked to take part in any clinical research trials? 

The field of transplantation is constantly improving and clinical trials are needed to establish the best treatments for patients. You may be asked to take part in clinical research trials but the decision to take part is entirely up to you and there is no obligation for you to take part in a trial. Any trial will be discussed with you in full and you will be given a patient information sheet. If you decide not to take part in any trial, your treatment will not be affected in any way. 

Can I get pregnant after my transplant? 

It is not advisable to consider pregnancy within the first year post transplantation. Transplant patients of childbearing age should make sure they have adequate contraception following transplantation. Should you wish to take the oral contraceptive pill, discuss this at your out-patient appointment. If you do wish to get pregnant after the first year, you should discuss your wish to have a baby with your consultant, who can refer you on to our local transplant pregnancy service. 

Some of the drugs you will be taking after the transplant are harmful to an unborn child and you should not try to become pregnant before your medication has been changed to a less harmful combination. The outcome of the pregnancy and the effect on your kidney depend on the function of your kidney and a number of other factors. You should discuss all aspects of pregnancy with a transplant consultant and a specialist obstetrician before considering pregnancy. They will be able to explain all the risks to you before you become pregnant.

Can I travel after my transplant? 

There is no reason to prevent you from travelling within the UK when you feel well enough but you should contact one of the medical staff you see regularly in the transplant follow-up clinic for advice. If you are planning to go overseas - we do not recommend this in the first six months post transplantation. 

Can I drink alcohol after my transplant? 

It is possible to take alcohol within the limits of the national guidelines: 

Men - 21 units per week 

Women - 14 units per week 

1 small glass of wine = 1 unit 
1/2 pint of beer = 1 unit