The Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre

The Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre at the Royal Free Hospital

In March 2008, the liver treatment service at the Royal Free Hospital was re-named the Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre, in honour of one of the country’s female medical pioneers and founder of the unit. 

Sheila Sherlock was the world’s leading authority on liver disease and Britain’s first female professor of medicine. In a glittering sixty-year career she became one of the most famous names in clinical science. 

She was elected FRS, Fellow of the Royal Society; a rare honour for a clinician. She was considered by many to be the ‘mother of hepatology’ and really changed the way doctors viewed liver disease, and its diagnosis and treatment.

World class expertise, local care on our liver centre wards

At the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, we believe in providing world-class medical treatment alongside an excellent patient experience. We aim to fulfil these principles, at all times, on the Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre wards at the Royal Free Hospital. 

The 10 North hospital ward is a mixed gender ward with 33 beds, providing care for patients with a wide variety of liver diseases. You will go here if you require a liver transplant. Patients are admitted to 10 north for a number of reasons, including liver disease treatment that takes longer than 24 hours, such as an endoscopy or liver biopsy. It is also used for liver conditions that are considered to be an emergency. 

Ward 9 west is for patients who are having hepato pancreatic biliary (HPB) surgery. You will come to this hospital ward following liver surgery. 

Patients are admitted to the unit for complex disorders, including liver cancer. 

Caring for liver problems at our intensive care unit

The liver intensive care unit (ICU) is part of the general intensive care unit, on Level 4 of the Royal Free Hospital. It is a unique specialist facility for the care of critically ill patients with liver disease and patients who have had hepato pancreatic biliary (HPB) surgery or a liver transplant. 

Liver out-patient clinics for day patients

The liver out-patient clinics are specialist clinics supported by dietetics, specialist clinical nurse specialists in viral hepatitis and hepatology, and liver transplant co-ordinators. The clinics assess the severity of liver disease using a range of treatments.

We also have the planned investigation treatment unit (PITU), a hospital ward for day patients. Staff on the ward deal with a number of tasks, including liver transplants.