Haematology – pathology

Haematology treatment at the Royal Free London: What is haematology?

Haematology is the study of blood and blood diseases – including common conditions like haemophilia, which impairs the body’s ability to control blood clotting, and anaemia, which is usually caused by a decrease in the number of an individual’s red blood cells.

Our three hospitals, Barnet, Chase Farm, and the Royal Free, provide a leading range of haematology treatment services in London, from haematology tests to diagnosing blood diseases, to blood transfusions for the treatment of blood cancers and other blood disorders.

Our general haematology treatment services deal with the investigation of abnormal blood counts that lead to common conditions like anaemia, low white cells and low platelets.

Specialist haematology treatment and nursing services

We provide a huge range of specialist services, with a particular focus on haematological malignancies and cancers that affect the blood and bone marrow, like leukaemia. Each member of our  internationally-known haematology team at the Royal Free Hospital is actively engaged in research so we can also offer clinical trials for patients who may benefit from a new or pioneering treatment. 

We run separate malignant and non-malignant clinics on both the Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital every week and a dedicated ‘new patient’ clinic at both sites.