Dispensing, manufacturing services and quality control

Royal Free London hospital pharmacy dispensing, manufacturing services and quality control

The pharmacy production unit operates under Exemption of Section 10 of the Medicines Act 1968. 

A hospital pharmacy dispensing service is provided for individual hospital patients for items such as chemotherapy, total parenteral nutrition (adults and neonates) and any specially formulated liquid suspensions, mixtures, creams and ointments which are not commercially available and would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

Our manufacturing services are provided by the production unit’s dedicated team of experienced, skilled and specially trained pharmacists, technicians and assistants. 

We provide medical services to all the hospitals within our trust and to a number of local clinics and community hospitals. 

All of our products are manufactured to the standards recommended by the EU Guidelines to Good Manufacturing Practice and our production facility and manufacturing activities are inspected and monitored in accordance with our quality assurance programme. 

We are also audited at regular intervals by regional quality assurance specialists to enable us to manufacture ‘specials’: medicinal products that are safe, efficacious and of suitable quality to the specific clinical needs of each hospital patient.