Back pain clinic

The back pain clinic runs within the rheumatology department, taking referrals from GPs and hospital consultants. Our highly qualified and experienced advanced practitioner physiotherapists can help you deal with low back pain, sciatica, neck and arm pain, as well as pain in the thoracic area of the spine. Your appointment will begin with a detailed discussion of your pain, how the pain ‘behaves’, and how it affects your daily life. This is followed by a physical examination.

Depending on the findings from these, further tests will be organised if needed, and you will be given a diagnosis and clear explanation of the nature of the problem. You are encouraged to ask questions in order to fully understand the problem, as understanding the nature of the pain is the first step in effectively managing it.

Onward management of your pain can be organised from the back pain clinic, including physiotherapy, exercise advice, epidural injections and nerve root blocks as appropriate. Where necessary you may be referred on to neurosurgery, for those cases that cannot be dealt with conservatively.

The back clinic works in close conjunction with the physiotherapy service at the Royal Free London, so that a cohesive care package can be provided. Contact the team on 020 7830 2267 ext 35754.