Psoriatic arthritis clinic

The psoriatic arthritis clinic is run by a consultant rheumatologist who also runs a monthly combined clinic with a dermatology consultant.

The psoriatic arthritis clinic enjoys close links with the psoriasis dermatology service with prompt access to their team of consultants, specialist registrars, clinical nurse specialists and clinical psychologists.

Referral to the psoriatic arthritis clinic is via a formal referral from your GP, the NHS e-referral service, the dermatology service or from within rheumatology.

Information for clinicians on how to refer.

We have a considerable number of patients under our care with psoriatic arthritis. We have experience in managing patients with a spectrum of skin and joint symptoms and disease courses. We have experienced and supportive rheumatology clinical nurse specialists who are closely involved with patients who attend the psoriatic arthritis clinic.

The trust has a special interest in adopting a holistic approach to patient health and wellbeing, understanding the wider impact that psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and its treatments have on a person with this condition.

We also enjoy good access and on-site recruitment into multi-centre, international clinical trials into psoriatic arthritis, providing opportunities to access new biological therapies for psoriatic arthritis and associated conditions, such as axial spondylo-arthropathy/ankylosing spondylitis.

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