Raynaud’s phenomenon clinic

Within the connective tissue service there is a nurse led Raynaud’s clinic that accepts referrals from GPs and consultants/trainees from across the UK. The clinic provides patients with a service dedicated to the assessment of new onset or long-standing Raynaud’s phenomenon.

The clinic is set up as a ’one stop’ clinic, comprising of a clinical consultation and direct access to the designated phlebotomy service within the institute. Patients will also see the departmental clinical scientist for capillaroscopy and thermography to determine clinical significance. The coordination of these tests within the same clinic appointment offers a seamless service to provide a quick diagnosis.

The close link with the scleroderma clinic will ensure a prompt referral of cases that progress to a connective tissue disease.

Patients will receive verbal and written information on their condition, including risk factor advice, lifestyle modification and medication. All patients will be provided with a contact telephone number for the nurse-led advice line which provides on-going support and information for patients.

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