Road changes at Chase Farm

18 January 2016

The road layout at Chase Farm Hospital is changing to allow for the next stage of the redevelopment project.

Work to create a one-way traffic system will begin on 18 January 2016 and is expected to finish on 25 January. To minimise disruption, it will be carried out from 6pm to 2am.

Following completion of the work, cars will be directed behind the multi-storey car park and around the construction site, rejoining the existing road adjacent to the maternity building. Most of the site will be one-way except for a small section from Hunters Way to the urgent care centre.

This work will involve erecting new signage to inform patients, staff and visitors of these changes and painting white lines in front of the Highlands Wing, on the road behind the car park and in the car park. White lines will also be painted between Hunters Way and the estates office and existing white lines around the Clock Tower will be refreshed.

We apologise in advance for any noise or inconvenience. For a period following completion of the work, traffic marshals will be available to advise motorists. Pedestrian access will be unaffected.