UPDATE, 9 May 2023: click here to read an update on wearing masks at our sites.

The children and young people’s emergency department and Galaxy in-patient ward at Barnet Hospital has reopened. 

The emergency department will be open for 24 hours, seven days each week. Anyone aged under 18 needing care for an accident or emergency can visit us. 

If you need urgent medical help or advice, but it is not a life-threatening situation, or if you do not know who to ring, please check NHS 111 online.

Visitor guidance

Only one adult will be allowed to accompany a child visiting the emergency department. You may need to wear a face mask when visiting the hospital.

Please check with ward staff about visiting arrangements if you would like to visit Galaxy ward. They will explain if visiting is possible and the specific arrangements in place. You can find more information here.

Keeping you safe

To keep patients safe when you visit us, we have made some important changes. These include:

  • changing the way our staff and patients access our buildings
  • installing clear markers and signage so patients know where to go
  • regularly cleaning every area of our hospital – including our theatres, ward areas and frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and lift buttons
  • ensuring all patients wear a face covering at all times when in hospital, staff may also wear a face mask
  • increasing the number of hand sanitisers across our hospitals so people can wash their hands more frequently

More information about what you can expect when you visit us is available on our website.

A review of paediatric in-patient and emergency department services across north central London (NCL) has been taking place. These changes were recommended by the working group. These have now been agreed by the NCL system GOLD group.