Clinics and treatments

Out-patients clinic

Located next to Galaxy ward on level 2 of Barnet Hospital, the children’s out-patients department is where clinic visits take place and chemotherapy is given. Children no longer on treatment will also come here for long term follow up visits until they reach the age of nineteen.

How you can help us care for your child

  • Always bring your shared-care oncology parent held record to hospital with you.
  • Always identify yourself to staff as a ‘shared care oncology parent’ when talking on the phone and give details of your child.
  • If your child is admitted to hospital, always bring their medication with you.

Treatments and your key worker

For many children, the drug treatment is given in cycles over a period of time and will vary from a few months to three years. Usually, at the beginning of each cycle of treatment he/she will be admitted to the primary treatment centre for tests and treatment. After that the paediatric oncology shared care unit (POSCU) may be able to give your child some of the less complex drug treatments locally.

Transfusion of blood and blood products
Following chemotherapy treatment, your child may become anaemic or have a low platelet count (blood cells that help to stop bleeding). This can be expected and transfusions of blood or platelets may be needed. Transfusions are carried out at the local POSCU hospital.

Management of febrile neutropenia
During the course of treatment, your child may fall ill with fever when his/her white blood cell count is low. He/she may need to be admitted to the POSCU for tests and antibiotic treatment until the fever resolves. You will be able to stay in the ward overnight with your child.

Key worker
Kate Owen, lead paediatric clinical nurse specialist, is based on Galaxy ward is our key worker. Her role is to ensure that care is co-ordinated around your child’s needs and that you have access to services to support you child through their treatment. Kate is a valuble source of information and support if you have any questions or need advice. She is contactable on the ward on 020 8216 6026 or by mobile on 07939 665627.

What happens when treatment ends?

Your child will continue to be seen regularly at in the out-patient’s clinic at both the POSCU and the primary treatment centre for close monitoring. Visits will initially be monthly and then at longer time intervals until your child reaches the age of nineteen when he/she will be transferred to the adult services.