Preparing for chemotherapy or immunotherapy treatment

Your doctor or nurse will have informed you of the type of treatment you are going to receive. You will need to sign a consent form prior to starting treatment and there will be lots of opportunities to ask your clinical team any questions that you may have.

Patient information videos

The below film has been made to help prepare you for having immunotherapy treatment. It has been created in collaboration with other NHS trusts within the North London Cancer Alliance.

Where will I receive my treatment?

If your treatment is given intravenously (given into your vein), you will receive it at one our infusion suites based on the type of treatment and where you live. Our two treatment centres are based at Chase Farm Hospital and Finchley Memorial Hospital.

Finchley Memorial Hospital Day Unit

Granville Road


N12 0JE

Telephone: 020 3758 2379


Chase Farm Hospital Day Unit 

127 The Ridgeway



Telephone: 020 8375 2058 or 020 8375 2057