Before your angiogram

Do I have to starve before the test?

You only need to refrain from eating two hours before your appointment time.

You are allowed and encouraged to drink water until you arrive in the day ward, when the nursing staff will advise you further. In most cases we encourage you to drink right up until the time of your procedure.


Please take any regular medications including inhalers. It is important to bring all medications with you, including inhalers.


Your referring cardiologist or the pre-assessment nurse will have advised on when to stop taking your warfarin. If you are unsure please contact pre-assessment to clarify. It is important to bring your INR record book with you (yellow book). We will advise you after your procedure when to restart your warfarin. Please make sure your warfarin clinic/INR (international normalised ratio) check is booked a few days after your procedure to have your INR checked and ensure it doesn’t fluctuate too much.


If you take insulin, you should take your regular insulin with your breakfast. Bring your insulin with you and you will be advised about your daytime and evening dose.

If you take metformin, please let us know. You will be advised when and if you need to stop your metformin before your procedure.

What should I bring to hospital with me?

  • Your dressing gown and slippers.
  • Something to read or to listen while you wait.
  • Do not bring any valuables with you.
  • If you have any questions, it can be useful to write them down before you arrive so you don't forget them.