Allergy skin test

The allergy nurse will often perform skin allergy testing on your child. Please note that this is not a blood test and no needles or syringes are used. The test involves very superficial pin pricking of the skin, with minimal pain. The test is well tolerated by most children.

In order that your child can have allergy testing (skin prick testing), please stop all antihistamine medication four days prior to your clinic appointment if possible.

Please bring the following to the appointment:

  1. Any medicines that your child is taking
  2. Any letters from any other clinics/specialists
  3. Your child’s parent held record (red book)
  4. A small sample of any fruits/vegetables to which your child may be allergic
  5. Any photos/mobile phone images of rashes etc

For further information regarding allergy testing prior to your appointment please call the allergy nurses:

Barnet Hospital: 020 8216 4906
Royal Free Hospital: 020 7830 2001