Child development services

Your child has been referred to the child development clinic for assessment by a paediatrician because of concerns about aspects of your child’s developmental progress. Contact us.

On arrival at the clinic

Please have your clinic appointment letter with you and aim to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment, to leave ample time for parking and an initial meeting with the clinic nurse. If possible, please try to avoid bringing siblings in order to maximise the interaction between yourself, your child and the clinician. If you do have to bring young siblings to the appointment, please try to ask a relative or friend to accompany you so that they can supervise the siblings in the waiting area.

When you get to the clinic, please inform the receptionist.

We do our best to see our patients on time, but please be aware that there might be some delay between your arrival and your meeting with the clinic nurse, due to patient volumes and different clinics going on at the same time.

At each clinic there is a play area for children to entertain themselves while awaiting their appointment. Please make sure to supervise your child at all times, as the reception staff cannot be responsible for your child’s care. There are toilet facilities available within the clinic area.

If your appointment is at Barnet Hospital or Edgware Community Hospital, you and your child will first have a brief meeting with the clinic nurse before you meet with the doctor. The nurse will ask you a few questions about your family and social circumstances, and measure the height and weight of your child.

Your clinic appointment

Your initial clinic appointment may last up to 90 minutes with the doctor. This time will be used to take a detailed history about your child and the concerning issues. The initial assessment may also include a physical examination and a play-based developmental assessment. Follow up/review appointments usually last for 45 minutes.

As well as the paediatrician, there may also be other professionals present during the appointment. Your paediatrician will introduce the professionals to you and if you do not wish to have others attend the appointment, you are free to let your paediatrician know and your child's care will not be affected.

  • Junior doctors and nursing staff may attend appointments as part of their training.
  • Colleagues working with your child may ask to attend the appointment to support the assessment.

Please note that children attending locomotor clinics are assessed jointly by a physiotherapist and paediatrician.

What to bring to your appointment

  • Your child’s red health surveillance book, for the doctor to review.
  • Any additional letters and reports about your child from other professionals (including school and nursery reports, other health or therapy reports)
  • Snacks and a drink for your child, if you think they will need refreshment during their time at the clinic.
  • Spare nappies/change of clothing, if you think this might be required.