Dermatology is the study and treatment of a wide range of skin conditions from minor but irritating conditions like fungal infections to serious conditions such as skin cancer.

The dermatology team at the Royal Free London provides care for adults and children with skin conditions. We also provide a range of specialist clinics. We provide services at Barnet Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital, as well as community dermatology services at venues in Camden and Barnet.

Please note that our team are unable to give clinical advice without a consultation – please visit your GP.


Information about COVID-19 treatments

New treatments are now available for people who are at higher risk of becoming seriously unwell if they contract COVID-19.

The treatments need to be given to patients soon after they have a positive PCR test confirming that they have COVID-19 - before they require admission to hospital.

Patients eligible for the treatment include those who are taking immunosuppressants or immunomodulators. If this includes you, and you have a positive PCR test, you can contact your GP or call 111 to be referred for treatment.

The full details of the new treatments available and what to do if you are eligible are here:

Those who would be eligible for the treatments are being contacted by NHS England and the clinical teams at the Royal Free London will also be writing to patients.


Do you have an appointment?

Find your ward

  • Abernethy House

    70 Silver St
    EN1 3EB

    Patient enquiries: 020 8370 4940

  • Barnet Hospital

    Wellhouse Lane
    EN5 3DJ    

    Patient enquiries:  0845 111 4000

  • Bincote Surgery

    11 Bincote Rd
    EN2 7RD

    Patient enquiries: 020 8363 0585

  • Chase Farm Hospital

    The Ridgeway
    EN2 8JL  

    Patient enquiries: 0845 111 4000

  • Community dermatology services

    Camden community dermatology service
    Tel: 020 7472 6197
    Tel: 020 7472 6331

    North London community dermatology service
    Tel: 020 7317 7642
    Tel: 020 7317 7643
    Tel: 020 7317 7644

  • Freezywater Primary Care Centre

    2B Aylands Rd
    EN3 6NS

    Patient enquiries: 01992 676 202

  • Green Lanes Surgery

    808 Green Lanes
    N21 2SA

    Patient enquiries: 020 8350 5000

  • Lincoln Road Medical Practice

    Lincoln Rd
    EN1 1LJ

    Patient enquiries: 020 8367 8989

  • Royal Free Hospital

    Department of dermatology
    Opposite clinic 6
    Pond Street
    NW3 2QG


    Patient enquiries/appointments: 020 7794 0500 x 36000


    Chronic sun damage and skin cancer team:
    020 7794 0500 ext: 38135/31201


    Inflammatory, connective tissue disease, general dermatology and psychodermatology team: 
    Direct dial: 020 7830 2376 
    020 7794 0500 ext 38134/33508


    Psoriasis patient coordinator:
    Direct dial: 020 7830 2376 
    020 7794 0500 ext 38134/33508


    Dr Alexandra Mizara
    Direct dial: 020 7830 2376
    020 7794 0500 ext 38134/33508


    Surgery/biopsy appointments coordinator:
    Direct dial: 020 7472 6891
    020 7794 0500 ext 33326


Referral details

Referrals to the psychodermatology service

Your dermatologist or specialist dermatology nurse can refer you to the psychodermatology service. You will be assessed within four weeks, but may then have to wait to start a course of treatment.

Once the psychodermatology service has received a referral letter from your dermatologist or dermatology nurse, we will telephone you to offer an appointment.

Referrals to the teledermatology service

Your GP can refer you to the teledermatology service. See our diagram for more details on what to expect.

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