Connective tissue disease service

We are a leading specialised tertiary centre for the care of patients with connective tissue diseases (CTDs). CTDs are a group of inflammatory autoimmune conditions that can affect the skin, along with other connective tissues such as joints and internal organs.

We care for patients with a variety of CTDs including lupus, morphoea, system sclerosis, dermatomyositis, overlap CTDs and Raynaud's phenomenon. As well as weekly dermatology CTD clinics, our specialised multidisciplinary team provides twice monthly unique combined care alongside our rheumatology colleagues to ensure seamless care. This means our patients can avoid multiple separate appointments. Our clinics are also supported by a highly experienced CTD nurse who assists in providing additional patient education and support.

Direct dial: 020 7830 2376 
020 7794 0500 ext 38134 or 33508

The dermatology CTD service is actively involved in clinical and basic scientific research. Our research is focused on investigating the underlying causes of CTDs, the impact of related skin disease and new treatments. All our research ultimately aims to improve the care we can provide and the treatment outcomes for our patients.

If you are seen in our service we may approach you to take part in our research if it is relevant to your diagnosis or treatment. Participation is entirely voluntary and you are under absolutely no obligation to take part. Please feel free to ask us about our current research at any time.