Specialist dermatology clinics


We provide nurse-led clinics for people with acne who are taking isotretinoin (Roaccutane).

Connective tissue disease

The connective tissue service is for people with skin conditions related to connective tissue disease such as lupus, vasculitis and morphoea. There is also a joint connective tissue disease clinic for people with rheumatological and dermatological conditions. Find out more about our connective tissue disease service.

Emergency and out-of-hours dermatology service

We provide clinics for people with acute, urgent skin conditions. At the Royal Free Hospital GPs can refer you to this service via the dermatology on-call registrar. The on-call dermatology registrar can be contacted via switchboard on 0207 794 0500. 

Phototherapy service

Phototherapy is provided by dedicated phototherapists and medical physicists. The phototherapy unit at the Royal Free Hospital is located in the dermatology day unit opposite clinic 6 on the first floor. The phototherapy unit at Barnet Hospital is located in the main dematology outpatients clinic on the first floor. The phototherapy clinic provides narrow band UVB, oral and bath PUVA, and hand and foot PUVA. 

Patch testing and skin prick testing

Patch testing involves three visits during the course of one week; appointments are generally provided on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You will usually be referred for these tests by your doctor.


The Royal Free London dermatology service has one of the only integrated psychology services in the country. The service is based at the Royal Free Hospital and is led by Dr Alex Mizara, counselling psychologist, and Dr Sandy McBride, dermatologist, and supported by psychology trainees. Psychological assessment, counselling and support are provided in a counselling room within the dermatology clinic area. Find out more about our psychodermatology service.