HIV counselling

Many people with HIV find that it has a psychological impact on their life or mental wellbeing. The counselling service at the Ian Charleson Day Centre is here to support you through all aspects of HIV, from diagnosis to treatment and living with HIV day-to-day.

You may have a lot of questions, particularly at the time of diagnosis, when starting or changing treatment or regarding sexual relationships.

Psychological therapies are available within the service through our team of highly experienced specialist psychologists. You can self-refer (you decide if you need to speak to someone about your feelings and make the appointment) or a referral may be suggested by your doctor or nurse.

How can a psychologist help?

Individuals with HIV, their partners or their families may come across a number of issues that they would like support or advice on. Psychologists are specially trained to support people through many difficulties related to a HIV diagnosis, including:

  • adjustment to HIV diagnosis
  • depression or low mood
  • adherence to treatment
  • sexual problems or managing risk and sex
  • relationship difficulties related to your illness
  • anxiety or panic
  • pain management
  • disclosure
  • grief and loss

Making an appointment

If you are interested in meeting with a psychologist, please speak to any member of our HIV service about being referred. You can make an assessment appointment with reception (this is usually within two to four weeks).

If you are interested in finding out more about the psychology service please feel free to talk to any member of the sexual health staff.