Ian Charleson Day Centre

Free HIV testing and treatment

The Ian Charleson Day Centre at the Royal Free Hospital has been providing excellent care for patients with HIV and AIDS since 1989.

Professor Margaret Johnson helped set up the Ian Charleson Day Centre at the Royal Free Hospital, which was the first open access HIV clinic in the UK, currently caring for over 3000 patients.

To contact the service please call 020 375 82029.

Since we started treating our HIV and AIDS patients in the late 1980s, even though there’s still no HIV cure, HIV has become a treatable condition that can be managed throughout a patient’s lifetime using antiretroviral drugs and other HIV treatments.

It’s important to diagnose and treat HIV early and continually for the best results though – and we can help by providing sensitive, non-judgemental and first-rate HIV testing, counselling, and treatment for people affected by this life-changing condition.

We also provide specific HIV treatments for people who have been exposed to HIV, immediately after exposure, such as post exposure preventive treatment.

Our wide range of out-patient and in-patient services are designed to meet the needs of patients at all stages of infection – from those who need a free HIV test, to HIV positive patients those who need complex treatments like antiretroviral drugs.

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