ICDC Pharmacy

Our pharmacy team consists of HIV specialist pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, all highly experienced in the use of medicines used to treat HIV infection and its related complications.

The pharmacy dispenses all of the antivirals used to treat HIV infection as well as supportive treatments for associated conditions. We cannot provide other, non-HIV medication. Please speak to your GP if you need other medication.

Our pharmacy provide all medication for the many clinical trials in which the unit participates. In addition, we offer a one-to-one medication adherence counselling service once you first start antivirals, and we offer ongoing medication support. If you require intensive adherence support, you can make an appointment to discuss your treatment details with a pharmacy specialist.

We also offer an antivirals home delivery service if you are stable on treatment and have an undetectable viral load. This means that you do not have to wait to have your medication dispensed in the pharmacy, or have to transport large quantities of medication home with you.

We are able to answer queries on any aspect of HIV treatment. If you need advice please contact 020 3758 2029 (Option 4).