Living with HIV

Emergency clinic

We run an emergency clinic within the Ian Charleson Day Centre for HIV related problems on weekdays. To book an appointment please call the clinic on 020 375 82029 (Option 1).  For other problems we strongly encourage you to see your GP. The emergency clinic does not replace your regular HIV doctor appointments or the routine services that your GP provides.

Registering with a GP

We strongly recommend that you register with a GP. Your GP plays an active role in monitoring your health in tandem with your HIV care and is usually the most qualified to deal effectively with non-HIV related complaints. Without knowing all your health details, your GP may not be able to accurately diagnose what is wrong with you. Moreover, it is important that whenever someone prescribes medication, they are aware of what you are already taking so that they can avoid giving you something that may interact with your existing medication and potentially make you feel worse or even cause your HIV medication to stop working. If you do not have a GP, search for a GP in your area.

Resources to help you stay active